Updated: Oct. 08, 2020

Bridge the Gap

This site is designed to bridge the gap between local problems and problem solvers. As serial entrepreneurs, we understand the power in local economies. These intimate networks touch every American and are the lifeblood of the American existence. Our mission is to supercharge local economies! We do this by facilitating mutually beneficial transactions between those who have tasks, and those looking for gig work.

Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heart of the U.S. economy: they generate 44 percent Of U.S. economic activity, create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. Two out of three new (net) private sector jobs are created by small businesses. Not only do small businesses create a significant percentage of new jobs, but the jobs they create provide high levels of job satisfaction. We cannot imagine an America without strong small businesses and thriving local communities. So, with this site, we hope to build and strengthen small business networks and the communities they support. While corporate interest, when properly utilized can be a positive force, we operate on the primary belief that a strong small business class is vital to a nation’s overall health and future growth.

Empower Local Creatives

When local creatives can easily collaborate, incredible things happen. These artistic ventures bring tourism and an overall general awareness to otherwise secluded areas. We believe that it should be easy for the creative people around us to communicate and share skills and opportunities. In that spirit, we created a roster of creatives in the local community that displays their talents and demonstrates their needs.